Why Become a Reiki Master?

Why Become a Reiki Master?

"We can't have full knowledge all at once. We must start by believing; then afterwards we may be led on to master the evidence for ourselves." ~Thomas Aquinas

There is a common misconception that to become a Reiki Master is to have the desire to teach Reiki to others. Teaching should not be the underlying reason to continue your Reiki training on to the Master level. Don’t get me wrong, the desire to share the Reiki gift with others is a wonderful aspiration.

When I first started with Reiki, I read that a Reiki Master is someone who has consciously decided to master their own life. A perfect definition. We never want to have the notion that we are better than or a master over someone else, nor is reaching the Master Level a final destination. Reiki will always take us deeper into ourselves and open us up to the depth, yet simplicity, of Reiki if we practice.

Becoming a Reiki Master is more about standing in your own personal power and letting your healing light shine. It is a commitment to the Reiki energy that “yes, Reiki does resonate with me and I wish to fully integrate it into my life.” Receiving the Master Level attunement will greatly deepen your experience of Reiki as well as create a stronger connection to the flow of life in general. Through our daily practice we will see more doors opening for us, life becomes easier or at least the obstacles are easily recognized as learning tools. We see the bigger picture.

I am seeing more and more people referring to themselves as Level III rather than Master. This can cause some confusion. Level III is/was also referred to as the Advanced Level which most teachers combine into the Master Level Certification now. Be proud that you have taken all the levels of formal training to be called a Reiki Master if you are also using it in your life to continue growing and becoming more authentic and whole.

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Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person. ~Albert Einstein

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