What is Reiki | the Reiki Symbol

What is Reiki Energy?

The word Reiki is derived from the Japanese symbols Rei and Ki. Basically Rei means spiritually guided and Ki is life force energy.

According to William Rand, there are four qualities of Reiki that make it different from other healing methods:

1. The ability to perform Reiki comes from receiving an attunement, rather than developing the ability.

2. The technique is passed from teacher to student hence creating a lineage.

3. Reiki energy is guided by a higher power rather than using the mind to direct the energy.

4. Because the energy is spiritually guided, Reiki can do no harm.

All of life is made up of energy, Chi or Ki. In the Japanese language, “Ki” is considered the general term for all of the life energies. In the Spirit of Reiki, Walter Lubeck defines 7 various qualities of Ki, all of which build upon each other. Following is his description for the form of Ki called Reiki.

“The form of Ki that organizes the correct synergetic application of all the subordinate forms of the life force in the holistic sense is called Reiki. This word can be translated as “soul force” or “spiritual power.” It is this quality of the life energy that, in the material world, is closest to the divine creative force, the source of all life. It attunes the three archetypal partial personalities of the inner child, middle self, and higher self with each other so that all three remain connected with each other in one system instead of striving apart because of their differing characteristics.

  • Reiki connects without binding
  • Reiki stimulates without overexciting.
  • Reiki separates without creating isolation.
  • Reiki calms without causing rigidity.
  • Reiki directs our attention to life and the love in the heart.
  • Reiki creates clarity without a lack of involvement.
  • Reiki wakes us up and supports the development of all types of latent potentials”.

Take the time to read over these qualities slowly and ponder them. They add a new depth to the concept of Reiki energy.

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