Part of the whole

We are nothing more than a waterdrop in the ocean of life

I’ve been at a crossroads of sorts. I haven’t been putting much effort into my writing or blogs these last two years until lately. It’s an easy place to find yourself. There are so many of us out there, saying the same thing, some more eloquently than others. And creeping in are the thoughts of,  “Why bother?” And that little devil on the shoulder that says, “They are better than you, what are you doing?”

We are all here living the same experiences. It’s a matter of perception and depth of experience that separate us. I read lots of personal/spiritual growth blogs and articles. They all basically have the same themes but some I really resonate with. What is that connection? Is it worded just right? Is the time right that I’m finally ready to hear the message? Is the writer more transparent so I feel a deeper connection? Integrity?

I have come to realize I don’t need to be perfect, only to reach for the best that I can offer. This issue has been a stumbling block for me. If it can’t be perfect; better than anyone else, I’m not going to bother (that’s a Virgo trait). I also realized that with this attitude I am not sharing my gift; my passion, or being true to myself. But more important, I’m not expressing myself in a way that might just “click” with someone, someone that resonates with my words.

We are all water drops in the ocean of life. Each one of us is part of the whole.

There wouldn’t be an ocean (or lake, river, tears, rain) if each drop withheld sharing and merging.

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