Choosing a direction in life

The Space Without

"Make the best of what you have."

There may be many times throughout our lives where we are provided the opportunity of “not having” or being without. We may find ourselves without employment, without a relationship, without perfect health, maybe even without a home. What if we looked at these times as opportunities or gifts rather than a challenge or lack of?

If we use these times to reflect, rebuild or strengthen foundations, or to spawn growth, we will eventually see the value of the gift or opportunity. They cause us to take action, to change.

Making the most of tough situations

As an example, here are suggestions on what to do while job hunting from a newsletter by Dan Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives:

“I can still remember when, years ago, I was between jobs – that sense of insecurity and uncertainty, not knowing what was coming next. (Odd how we go out of our way to read and watch dramas because we don’t know what’s coming next.) ….

“For anyone currently looking for work – well, experts in job hunting recommend you treat the job search as a full-time job itself. Maybe that’s a good policy. But there are also some other ways to stay constructively occupied which can make a positive difference in terms of morale – a way to turn problems into opportunities.

  • Start the day early and do something good for yourself – like taking a brisk walk or hike each morning.
  • Consider additional education at a nearby college, or online.
  • Stay in touch with friends and with your network.
  • Paint a room, rearrange furniture or do some needed repairs.
  • Read or listen to some good books!
  • Try some temp work.
  • Take notes or keep a daily journal about your experience, thoughts, hopes and goals.
  • Volunteer time at school or at the fire station or other good cause. It will get you out to meet people, stay active, and feel like you are continuing productive service activity. Focusing on service to others is one good way to get out of the doldrums.

“It can be unnerving to be without an income for a time. So focus on what’s in front of you, here and now. You know that your situation is temporary, but you don’t know for how long. That not-knowing takes a warrior spirit. Time to show what you’re made of.”

These ideas can be used anytime we are given the opportunity to step back and look at life. Use that time as a time of personal and spiritual growth, it will bring you closer in line with your heart’s desires and dreams. Unleash your creative energies and let life flow through you.

Here’s some additional ideas:

  • Take at Least 30 Minutes of Each Day For Yourself
  • Contemplate your life
    What is working good, what isn’t?
    In which areas do you feel happy; in which do you not?
    What is your passion?
    Ask yourself: Am I living my full potential?

The more free attention you have in your life, the more choices you can make. And with each choice you empower yourself and grow. Life is constantly growing. Growing makes you feel alive. Happiness is a result of having free attention.

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