On Being Reiki

On Being Reiki

I get asked quite often by my Reiki students “What do you recommend for books on Reiki?”. To be honest, I don’t read much about Reiki and the books that I have, usually do not resonate with how I feel about Reiki. That doesn’t mean that I am not open to what others have to say, but most go against what the true meaning of Reiki is. Although it is much more than this, Reiki energy is defined as “spiritually guided life force energy”. Just by that definition, techniques are not necessary and actually negate the essence of what Reiki truly is. If it is spiritually guided, we must be just a channel without interfering with the process.

We learn about Reiki by practicing it; this is vital. Reiki is a spiritual practice with the hands on healing aspect, secondary. Striving to BE Reiki rather than DO Reiki should be our ultimate goal.

Working daily with the Reiki precepts or principles along with the practice of the hands on healing aspect is what raises our vibration. It’s not easy, yet it is. There is a lot going on the in the world and in our personal lives. The best we can do to contribute is to keep our vibration up. As we work on bringing ourselves to wholeness and authenticity, that light shines out to others. That is how we can make a difference.

Reiki Precepts by Dr. Mikao Usui:

Today only
•Develop your heart/mind (release anger)
•Put your heart/mind in order (release worry)
•Let go of your attachments to feelings and emotions (be grateful)
•Practice this diligently
•Show compassion to yourself and others

A recent student of mine had just gone to a book signing and brought a book to her class to show me. It felt good to even hold it. Later that day I bought a copy and within a couple days had finished it. This book validated to me that what Reiki has taught me through my depth of practice is real. As my depth of working with the Reiki energy has increased over the past 10 years, the shear simplicity, yet expansiveness of it has revealed itself to me.

The Inner Heart of Reiki

So, if Reiki is your path, I highly recommend The Inner Heart of Reiki: Rediscovering Your True Self by Frans Stiene. Frans is a leading researcher of the history of Reiki. His book reflects the true spirit of Reiki.

“The whole system of Reiki is based on embodying the precepts within oneself and one’s life, not just about hands-on-healing for others; the true aim of the system of Reiki is rediscovering our True Self or enlightenment. Compassion for others grows from the precepts because it is only when we start to find our own inner True Self that we can really start to help others.”

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