Moment of Freedom

Moment of Freedom

“In this moment, I am free.
I now become I—
I who lives by my own rules,
the rules of the Divine,
the laws of the Universe.
I can live my life in peace and not be
encumbered by any process,
for any process
is only another lesson and growth.

Lessons do not come to weigh me down,
to encumber me.
Lessons come as opportunities for growth,
which means change,
upward movement;
not being pulled down into the lower vibrations
of the lessons themselves.

Sitting in the lower vibrations of the lesson
means being trapped.
Moving to the higher vibrations of the lesson,
I learn to spread my wings
and fly.

This is the real journey—
to learn to always be able
to spread my wings and fly,
not being caught in any situation,
career step—
any aspect of my life.
And that includes my spirituality!
Instead, I must fly in relationship and
career and

The spirit of the Beloved lives within me.
I hear the trumpet call.
The shackles of conflict now lift away.
Together with the Beloved I create my life.
I spread my wings
and fly in freedom
through Love.”

From Intuitive Living: A Sacred Path by Alan Seale

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