The Missing Puzzle Piece to Finding Your Passion

The Missing Puzzle Piece to Finding Your Passion

An important puzzle piece to finding your passion in life is to explore your childhood. What were your dreams? What did you want to be when you grew up? What activity caused you to loose all concept of time? What grabbed your attention and kept you absorbed in the present moment?

I’ll be willing to bet that as adults, these thoughts and memories creep back into your consciousness every now and then. Tiny threads. Seeds.

Set aside some time to reflect. Jot these ideas down. Follow the threads. Maybe you wanted to be a fireman or nurse. Do have have tendencies now to help others?

Growing up I was mesmerized by nature and the flow of water. I collected rocks. Then life happened, as it does, and I “grew up”.  I worked in the corporate world. Something tugged at me. Something was missing. I picked up the puzzle pieces and started following the threads. Today I’m an herbalist and Reiki Master. Immersed again in the flow (this time with energy) and the natural world. Crystals have found their way into my healing practice and I’ve also created a business out of healing gemstones, Mystic Zen Healing Jewelry.

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