Empowered spiritual being

I Choose To…

As an empowered, transformed spiritual being, I choose to…

  • Live for the moment
  • Be open to the Holy Spirit dwelling in me
  • Breathe in Spirit before I think, speak, or act
  • Acknowledge the Divine Spirit in all living beings
  • Consciously remember to breathe
  • Actively become aware of and peel away my limiting ego patterns
  • Easily release what no longer serves a useful purpose in my life
  • Silently observe Spirit each day
  • Make choices that are aligned with my authentic self
  • Speak my heart’s truth with love
  • Keep the fire of my Spirit burning
  • Do something I love every day
  • Surrender into the flow
  • Accept the ebb
  • Set my intentions, and follow my inspirations daily
  • Pray for guidance
  • Be compassionate towards all beings, including myself
  • Show gratitude for everything in life
  • Enjoy the gift of my life
  • Let my Spirit lead
(The Power of Your Spirit: A Guide to Joyful Living by Sonia Choquette)
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