Tania Tyler, Reiki Master Teacher Mystic Connecticut (CT)

How I Got Started with Reiki

My initial introduction to Reiki may be similar to yours. I heard about Reiki, thought it sounded interesting, or at least intriguing, but something about it just didn’t grab my attention enough to pursue it. You may have already noticed that Reiki has an interesting way of continually showing up in our lives, almost calling to us; a sign it is the path meant for us. When the timing is right, the pull becomes undeniable and we take our first Reiki class.

I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher since 2006 and wouldn’t change my decision to embark on my Reiki journey for anything. My daily Reiki practice is the foundation of my spiritual path and has enriched my life in so many ways; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Working with clients and teaching has shown me incredible healings and transformations in people. Being a witness to a student first feeling the Reiki energy flow through them is something I will never tire from.

My First Encounter with Reiki

This is where I should be sharing my dramatic, life-altering first encounter with Reiki. It doesn’t always work that way. Everyone has their own unique experiences with Reiki. Mine was more of a gradual transformation, which I believe to be more the norm. I experienced an interesting shift with my Level 1 attunement; I “knew” what it felt like to be centered and grounded. Working with the Reiki energy always quickly gets me back to my center, regardless of what the world is throwing at me. From that point on I started living a life feeling more centered and relaxed with deeper meaning and authenticity. I found myself more in tune with a “bigger picture”, and life became easier. Sometimes we don’t realize how much we have grown and changed until we look back.

A Little Background

My background is science; computer programming and consulting in the corporate world. I was raised with science ingrained in me as my dad was a NASA engineer. I have an analytical mind; things need to prove themselves to me. I base my “truths” on personal experience. 

Somewhere along the line, burn-out hit. I experienced lots of stress. I wasn’t feeling great. Allergies became intense. This led me to become more aware of my body and grew the desire to feel like my happy, healthy self again. I started creating herbal and natural products to help relieve my allergy symptoms. Family and friends loved them. In 1998 I took a leap of faith and left the corporate world to start an herbal and natural products business, Mystic Naturals.

Everything is Energy

Through working with the herbs, an interest in energetic healing through plants and foods developed. Everything is made up of energy. And this time when I was reintroduced to Reiki, I took my first class.

Opening to My Potential

In 2008 I closed Mystic Naturals to concentrate more on my Reiki healing practice and teaching. It’s a wonderful feeling to be a catalyst for an individual’s healing and growth, to share the excitement and wonder as we explore something new. I have learned and experienced much from helping others. In 2012 I started another company, Mystic Zen Healing Jewelry, which offers Reiki-infused gemstone jewelry. Reiki is empowering and can really open us up to our potential.

Working with Reiki has placed me on a path filled with love, gratitude, and compassion while embodying the feeling of interconnectedness and sacredness of all.

I am honored that you have chosen to read my words during your journey with Reiki healing. Make Reiki part of your life; experience how magical life can be.

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