The healing process of change and transformation

The Healing Process of Change

Guest post by Calista

I have never been keen on the phrase: ‘healing-crisis’. I know many healers and teachers use this word as an indication of what may happen after receiving energy attunements or when a person is going through a shift or change in their vibration. But if you look at the words – do they really go together? If you think of the word crisis, does it not perpetuate a sense of doom or fear? As words create our beliefs, and our beliefs the reality we live in, let’s get rid of the word crisis and bring light to these changes instead.

We are all experiencing life in different degrees and vibrations. And in every moment, we are adapting. If we are ready to make a big life change or shift in our consciousness, our body (and all the subtle: mental, emotional and energetic bodies) has to play catch up with our desires. This is never more true than when we decide to become self-aware either through self-realization, meditation or healing practices. Here a period of change usually follows triggered by an inner desire to clear anything in our life, outlook and personality that no longer serves our happiness. Just as a caterpillar sheds its chrysalis to become a butterfly, we can shed our outer limitations to align with our true nature. Depending on what serves our highest good, we may chose to clear our life of stressful situations, habits, fears and limiting beliefs, as well as adapt our relationships and friendships to match our level of awareness.

Our physical body may choose to clear itself of aches, pains and dis-ease, and any emotional and mental aspects that are not serving our highest good, may leave us as detox-like feelings. These could range from changes in body temperature, feeling like you have the flu and/or lethargy. In some cases, our body will chose to release what it needs to through in more severe ways, such as states of dis-ease. It can easy in the midst of such discomfort to view illness as the state of being when our bodies become ‘sick’, rather than to see that illness is truly our bodies’ way of healing. Once we understand that nothing is ‘wrong’ with us, we step out of feeling that we are in a crisis state of being and step above the duality of illness/wellness to see that all purging of our being, no matter what level it chooses to exist on, is for us rather than against us.

In the past, I didn’t understand this. I ran around in circles until I eventually stopped to hear my inner guidance that had been trying to speak all along. I am sure we have all done this before and there is nothing wrong in it either. It is just another part of our growing, and part of the process to life.

To keep it simple, for clearing and ascension is in truth…let’s look at an onion! Just like an onion, we are made of up of many layers, or levels of being. We are not just flesh and blood, but emotions, thoughts, energy and so much more besides. Thus, once when we clear and understand one layer of our being, deeper layers may be revealed to be given light to. And this will continue until we reach the core of our being: our heart; the connection to our inner Source and the Source of all that is. It is only when we come in to – and live through – our heart/our Source that clearing stops as we have surrendered all that is not love from our being. The revealing and shedding of out-dated beliefs, past emotional hurts, conditioning from religion or fears from our parents – as common examples to the excess baggage we can carry through life – can take a life-time, or more, to fully clear if we are not aware, or do not chose to become so.

Depending on your chosen life path and ability to move with change, rather than against it, such adaptations in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body may be short-lived or long-lasting. Yet, no matter what change is occurring in your life right now, try to see the blessings within. If change feels good in your heart, flow with it. If it doesn’t, chose another path, or ask yourself silently, “Am I resisting what serves me best, and if so, why?”

Often we can forget to talk, and trust, ourselves, and instead chose an outside source to explain what is happening in our life. Learning to listen and trust the guidance of your heart – the real Source of your truth – is essential if you wish to ascend gracefully. Know also there is a whole host of spiritual guides, angels and masters walking with you to keep you on the right track. Ask for their help when you feel you need extra support. And if, when you release resistance and trust the guidance of your heart, you feel abandoned by your guides (which can happen when we ‘process’ change) know they have only left your side to carry you instead.

For anyone that message resonates with, know you are supported and that you are clearing as you are SOARING to new heights. Enjoy the unfolding by letting go and letting love….

In Divine love,

Calista ♥

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