Change is Inevitable

Change is Inevitable

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.” ~Author Unknown

Everything is made up of energy ~ “information that vibrates”. Colors, sound, light, life, emotions, thoughts, atoms… are all energetic. Energy is constantly in motion and constantly changing. If we as humans were not changing, we would no longer be in our physical bodies.

Life is change. Fighting or resisting change creates blockages in the flow of energy. Change is life.

This energy is known to many by numerous names: chi, prana, Spirit, Universe, the Divine, Divine Love, Universal Love, God… it’s the unexplained essence that all of life is built upon. It is this energy that forms our interconnected with all. We are all part of the same. It flows through everything, always. It is unseen but it can be measured. It is real. We can trust it, always. If it didn’t exist, neither would life.

When we feel stress or fear (or anything other than joy and love) we start to block or inhibit the flow of this energy, both in our bodies and life in general. It is like restricting the flow of water through a faucet. We physically experience this when our muscles tense up from stress or fear. Energy does not flow as freely through our body and we don’t feel as alive or spirited. Prolonged stress is very detrimental to our bodies; organs do not receive the fresh flow of energy, blood, oxygen and nutrients. A state of dis-ease develops. Taking several deep breaths when stressed causes us to relax and take in fresh oxygen and more of this energy.

Being open to the flow of life, and not resisting change, is the basis for abundance. This is the foundation for life. Take a look at nature that has been untouched by man, it is full of abundance and balance. Nature is constantly changing.

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