Chakra Sparkle Meditation

Chakra Sparkle Meditation

The other day while giving a Chakra Balancing Session, a message came to me. When I receive messages, they are typically multi-leveled and more detail is added once I recognize and acknowledge I am receiving a message. So fun, kind of like a puzzle.

Fireflies. I saw fireflies which quickly changed to sparklers (the little fireworks on a metal rod that sparkle when lit). As the session continued, I was given a simple yet powerful meditation.

After the session, I asked if she meditates. “No.” I explained that a meditation technique came through for her as a tool for working with her chakras. She showed no real interest until I mentioned fireflies. “Get out! A friend and I were talking about fireflies last night. He said they light up as a way of communicating with each other. Look, I even sent him a photo of a firefly this morning.”

So, here is the meditation…

A Simple Chakra Meditation to Clear & Cleanse Chakra Energies

Get comfortable either sitting or lying down if you won’t fall asleep. Close your eyes and rest your hands over your heart or in your lap. Relax and breathe into your abdomen. To do this properly and most efficiently, on the inhale extend your belly. Exhale and pull your belly in. Do your best to keep your chest still. Ground yourself by imagining a root traveling from the bottoms of your feet deep into the earth. On each exhale send your roots deeper into the earth. This movement of the abdomen brings the most oxygen into the lungs and relaxes the nervous system. It takes practice if you are not use to breathing properly but this is wonderful for calming anxiety as well.

Once you have a nice breathing rhythm developed, continue breathing that way and visualize a lit sparkler at your Root Chakra (lower pelvic area). The light is red. As you inhale, see it glow brighter and create more sparkles. When you exhale, imagine the red sparkles spreading and expanding throughout your body. These red sparkles are releasing any stuck energies/emotions/tension that can be released and transformed with the Root Chakra energy. You do not need to put any thought into what needs to be released, just use the intention that the process is working as needed. Work with the red/root chakra energy for several minutes or until you feel ready to move on.

Repeat this process with each of the chakras using the corresponding colors.

  • Sacral (just below the navel): Orange
  • Solar Plexus (just below the rib cage): Yellow
  • Heart: Green
  • Throat: Turquoise
  • Third Eye/Brow (between the eyebrows): Dark Blue
  • Crown (top of head): White or Purple

When you finish with all of the chakras, work with the color Gold and your whole body. Inhale and imagine your whole body sparkles with gold. Exhale and send this golden light out to your energy field. On each inhale, the gold gets brighter and on each exhale, the golden light spreads farther out until it is intended to encompass the world and everything that is part of it; and continues out into the universe.

Sparkle and communicate with the world!

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