3 Simple Questions That Can Change Your Life

3 Simple Questions That Can Change Your Life

The New Year is upon us. Many use this time to reflect back on the year gone by and put together resolutions and intentions for the upcoming year. But, did you know that according to statistics, 62% of Americans set New Year’s resolutions and only 8% of those resolutions are successfully achieved.

A while back I saved a brief article from Inc. Magazine about business planning. The author listed 3 questions to help a business move forward. I took interest because they can definitely be applied to any aspect of our lives. Although the article was geared to creating a “five year plan”; I feel life should be constantly in flux, not tied to a definitive plan. We want to be open to the magic and experiences as they unfold. But a periodic reflective look on our life is very important. It brings to light where we are and aren’t being true to ourselves.

Get Ready to Change Your Life

Take some quiet time. Get yourself still and relaxed. Reflect upon your life in general or a particular aspect that you would like to shift. With paper and pen, start writing answers to these 3 simple yet very important questions.

  1. What’s Important?
    Think about the things you would miss most in your life.
  2. What Should Be the Same?
    Think about what is working smoothly in your life.
  3. What Needs to Change?
    This is the hardest question. Be honest. Dig deep. Let the words flow onto the paper.

And don’t forget, change cannot occur without action. Keep your answers close by to read over and over. Take the actions necessary to shift your life.

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