Reiki Certification Classes & Training

Reiki Certification Classes

I have closed my Reiki practice and no longer offering classes.

Become a Reiki practitioner and experience the gift of expanded Universal Life Force by attuning your body to Reiki. Certification for Reiki Levels I, 2, and Master Teacher are available. Includes attunements, practice time, handouts and certificate.

Tania has been a certified Reiki Master Teacher since 2006. Classes are taught one-on-one which allows for a more personalized, comfortable experience. Reiki classes are also approached from the traditional and spiritual aspect; feeling that Reiki has become very Westernized and losing its true meaning and roots. 

Because we have so much “stuff” going on in life these days, my Level 1 & Level 2 classes now start with a 30 min. Reiki session. Not only will this help soothe out the energies and help put the student more in alignment and balanced for the class, you will also get to experience Reiki first hand. 


Reiki Certification Class Details ~ Classes are held in Ledyard CT

Level I  $150.  (approx. 3.5 – 4 hrs.)  ** Now includes 30 min. Reiki Session at start of class

Reiki Level I works more on the physical level for healing and develops your Reiki channel. After your class you have the ability to work on yourself, family, friends and pets. There should be about a month period before taking Level II to allow the energy to raise your vibration (start the healing process and start releasing energy restrictions in the body) in preparation for Level II. Reiki should be practiced on a daily basis. I personally feel very strongly against taking Level I and Level II during the same weekend as some teachers teach. This is usually done this way because it is a large group class, the teacher has come to the area for a weekend workshop and it is more convenient. Reiki is energy and there needs to be time for the energy to integrate into the body between levels. Don’t rush the process.

Level 2  $175.  (approx. 3 hrs.)  ** Now includes 30 min. Reiki Session at start of class

Reiki Level 2 works more on the emotional, mental and spiritual level for healing, is a higher vibration energy than Level I and heals on a much deeper level. After completing Level II, you are also able to work with clients. Level 2 gives you the ability to do distance Reiki healing (including releasing stuck energy in the past and raising the energy for the future). Some students put too much judgment on their readiness to proceed onto Level 2. If you have been practicing on yourself, feel the desire to continue on with the Reiki journey and have noticed changes in your life, you are ready for your Level 2 class.

Master Level  $300.  (typically around 3 hrs. but varies)

The Reiki Master/Teacher Level may be taken about 4 to 6 months after Level 2. Before taking it, you should speak with your Reiki Master to determine your readiness. Receiving the Master Level attunement will greatly deepen your experience of Reiki as well as create a stronger connection to the flow of life in general. Through our daily practice we will see more doors opening for us, life becomes easier or at least the obstacles are easily recognized as learning tools. We see the bigger picture. Becoming a Reiki Master is more about standing in your own personal power and letting your healing light shine. It is a commitment to the Reiki energy that says “yes, Reiki does resonate with me and I wish to fully integrate it into my life.” There is a common misconception that to become a Reiki Master is to have the desire to teach Reiki to others. Teaching should not be the underlying reason to continue your Reiki training on to the Master level.

Refresher Class  $75. per hour (typically 1 hr.)

A refresher class is also available for those who have maybe let Reiki slip by the wayside or would just like a review of Level I or 2. Participants will also receive the attunement (proof of existing certification required). This will be a great opportunity to ask questions and have practice time. Or, you might consider taking Level I again. 

How to Select the Right Reiki Teacher for You

When selecting your Reiki teacher it is important to find one that you feel a connection with and who’s teaching style resonates with you. Reiki classes should never be selected because of convenience (especially how close the class is to you location-wise, how quick you can schedule and how much they advertise (which usually means a large class). 

Select the teacher / class by how right it feels to you. Sit with your decision, feel into it. Maybe there was a synchronistic event that lead you to them. Your initial encounter with Reiki can make or break what could be an incredible experience and life decision. The Reiki journey is truly a personal experience, find a teacher that will empower you on your journey. 

Do you feel the need to be in a classroom environment or a one-on-one class where you are given undivided attention? Reiki should be considered part of your spiritual path. Does the teacher you are considering view Reiki that way? Is it their life or only their source of income? Are they available throughout your training, and after completing your formal training to still support you with any questions that may come up?  

Choose wisely. Check in with your intuition. Ask questions. Feel a connection.


"A Reiki master holds no lordly power over his or her students. A Reiki master is simply a person who has chosen to take the next step into mastership by accepting a greater level of responsibility for his or her life. He or she openly accepts the effects of causes which are self-created. By accepting this responsibility, the Reiki master is empowered to use specific processes to assist others in further empowering themselves."

Paula Horan