Spiritually Guided Insights with Tania

Intuitive Readings via email

Receive a detailed reading and gain insight regarding the gifts and challenges of a certain situation or what is generally happening in your life.

I utilize the Way of the Horse: Equine Archetypes for Self-Discovery – A Book of Exploration and 40 Cards  oracle deck with my readings. The 5-card detailed reading covers the following aspects: the central issue, what is most conscious or obvious about the situation, what’s on the horizon, the subconscious factor, and what’s happening at a deeper level of consciousness – a suppressed part of your psyche, possibly a blind spot, a hidden talent or something you’ve rejected in yourself.

Way of the Horse oracle card readings

How to I order an intuitive oracle card reading?

You have the option of asking a question regarding a certain situation or receiving a general reading. My readings are healing, empowering, uplifting and positive. When posing a question keep in mind that your reading will provide you with insights into the gifts and challenges regarding your situation, not yes/no answers. A general reading without a question is always a good choice too.

Some examples for questions are:

  • What does my relationship have to teach me?
  • What do I need to reach my full potential?
  • What is the nature of this conflict?
  • What is the gift behind this challenge?
  • How can I renew my relationship with my spouse?
  • How can I bring more harmony into my life?
  • What is creating blocks preventing me from achieving my goals?

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$ 20. for 5-card detailed reading

Reading Question (optional)