Chakra Balancing / Reiki with Crystals Healing Sessions

Chakra Balancing Sessions | Mystic CT

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What is a Chakra Balancing Session?

A Chakra Balancing Session helps to restore a harmonious flow of energy throughout the body and chakra system. A well balanced chakra system leads to a feeling of well-being, lightness, relaxation, focus, increased vitality and groundedness.

Chakras are energy centers which supply and regulate life energy within the body. There are seven major chakras located throughout the body. Chakras become unbalanced due to the stresses of everyday life and can throw the whole body out of balance. The chakra system is complex and involves all systems; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and karmic.

What can I expect during a Chakra Balancing Session?

Crystals enhance the healing and energy balancing provided from Reiki. You remain fully clothed during your session. Crystals are placed on each chakra, music is played while Reiki and energy work are used to realign and bring the chakras into balance. I incorporate crystals, color therapy, music, energy healing and Reiki as a total treatment, which may provide renewed energy and focus. A Chakra Balance Session is typically very relaxing, even to the point that most people fall asleep or feel like they are in a deep meditative state. 

When the session is complete, I will share which chakras were out of balance and ways to work with your energy to promote wellness. After your Chakra Balancing Session, you will want to be able to spend some quiet time to allow your energy to adjust and work with you.

Chakra Balancing Sessions are recommended every 3 – 4 months to keep your energy tuned. Reiki between sessions is a great way to maintain balance and health.