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Selecting Healing Stones or Crystals to Work With

There are many ways to select stones or crystals to work with for healing. The process can be as simple as selecting the one you find visually attractive; to the more complex method of looking honestly at yourself and determining what issues you wish healing for. This article will serve as an overview on the selection process. Some of these methods will overlap as they are basically all related to the energetic qualities of the stones and crystals.

Visually Attractive / Color

Picking stones or crystals by what you find visually attractive is the simplest method. Perhaps you are not into the whole energy, chakra, intuition thing. Choose the piece that is most attractive to your eye, maybe one that even coordinates as an accessory or “bling” that matches your wardrobe. There is still an underlying current of energy as to why you selected the particular stone or crystal. If you are one that wears lots of greens for example, innately your body (higher self/inner wisdom) knows what it needs to bring itself into balance. Colors have a vibrational energy to them and will fine-tune the body’s energy.


The intuition method of selecting healing stones or crystals takes a little practice but it too is quite easy. Relax, take a few deep breaths and select what you are drawn to by first “instinct”. Hold the stone (or sense the energy of it. This will work with a photograph as well.) and feel if it resonates with you. Let go of any previous knowledge you may have about the stones. Look at other stones/crystals and chances are the original pieces will keep “calling to you”. That is the stone that will offer the most help and support at this time.


Chakras are our energy centers in the body. They are quite complex to explain in words so next month’s article I will cover Chakras in more depth. Basically, each Chakra is associated with a specific color, frequency (energy), and issues (on the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and karmic levels). To keep it simple in this article, here is a great image…

chakra overview

Astrological Sign

Choosing stones based on your astrological sign is another easy method. If you are drawn to astrology, you know that each sign has different character traits and challenges during your lifetime. Astrology is a complex science and many are only familiar with the simple newspaper style horoscopes. Using just the sun sign (ie: Virgo) is a very general way of categorizing character traits for an individual. Exact time and location of birth fine-tune the traits. With this method it is best to select a stone that matches your astrological sign and add other stones that will work with your specific character traits or issues.

“Textbook Method”

What I refer to as the “textbook method” is researching through books or the internet the various healing/spiritual qualities of stones and crystals. For example, if you are looking for help with love, Rose Quartz is the stone. Rose Quartz promotes unconditional love and fosters nurturing. This method can be more complex because we may not always dig deep enough to “know” what issues we truly need help with, or even be fully honest with ourselves. Judgment can step in. For example, if we are suffering from heartbreak we may pick Rose Quartz. But, maybe we are suffering from jealousy issues that caused the heartbreak… this would be a totally different stone.

Understanding the Chakra system will help with selecting stones primarily through research.

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