I just needed to take this time to say Thank You on behalf of my son, sister and myself.  After the Reiki session we all felt so relaxed. Definitely something great happened; the pleasant energy of the last few days is different and discernible and can only be related to you and the attunement.  Thank you Tania, and we look forward to our next visit. Much love, gratefulness and blessings.  ~SM

(chakra balancing sessions)

Hello Tania,

I just wanted to thank you again for your Reiki I class last Friday, I am very grateful to have Reiki in my life now.

I wanted to share with you my spiritual journal that I just purchased from Amazon. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the one for me:  [picture of dragonfly journal]

I remembered you mentioned one of my guides was a dragonfly, and this journal was right at the top when I did my search.

This synchronicity will be my first entry into my spiritual journal once I receive it.

I gave my mother her first Reiki session last night; it wasn’t planed, but apparently it was meant to be. I couldn’t believe all the Reiki she pulled through me. She couldn’t believe the thoughts, sensations, and the deep level of relaxation she experienced during the session.  She looks younger, lighter, and at finally at peace. She can’t wait for her next session. I feel that Reiki may be a crucial step towards getting my old Mom back. She’s even looking forward to trying Yoga now. I feel from just that one session that it has helped to remove some major blockages that may have been holding her life back, and she can now begin to progress back up towards the high road.

I’m truly grateful for all you shared with me and I look forward to seeing you again for my level II class.


I spent years knowing I would one day begin a new journey with Reiki in my life. Then a few months ago I knew it would be that coming Saturday that I would be in my first class. I, at the time, did not know where I was to be taking it. So I began to call around my home in upstate NY and found two classes offered that Saturday (this was unusual because they were always full or I had missed level 1), but that night (as I contemplated over which class I would register for) I was drawn from my paper work to Mystic and in seconds Tania was in front of me on her website.. So I email Tania asking her if she would teach me on that Saturday (I had little hope in my mind), but she got right back to me letting me know she had no class scheduled because she had plans. Tania gave up those plans though and I travel 407.13 miles one-way to take my Reiki 1 and have been back since to complete my level 2. In all I have traveled over 1600 miles round trip and have never felt more enlightened  and aware of my surroundings as I am now. Tania’s true gift and her one on one approach is the only way I can see ever having felt fulfilled. I “Just for today” believe all is perfect as day by day  the world becomes clearer and my spirit higher as the flow is restored. I am forever Blessed.  Thank You Tania, it has been an amazing Journey, Paul

“Hi Tania,
I hope you don’t mind, we had to write a brief profile of a person we consider a leader of some sort in our lives, and share it with the class. This is what I wrote: Just wanted to share it with you.

Tania, my Reiki Master is a wonderful leader.
She cares deeply about sharing Reiki with all in our Reiki circle, her clients, her students, all that come into contact with her, everyone, everything, including the plants and animals.
She shows us how to incorporate the Reiki Principles into our lives on a daily basis, she lives these principals as well:

Just for today, do not worry
Just for today, do not anger
Honor your parents, teachers, and elders
Earn your living honestly
Show gratitude for every living thing.

Tania inspires each person in her circle to follow her lead and to find their own dreams and passions, to grow towards their full potential on their spiritual journey, which ever path it may take.

She instills that sacred trust in people that come into her life through her guidance, knowledge, gentleness, caring, compassion, and her passion for what she does and what she sees in all of us. She has the greatest of respect for us and our journeys, and is honored to be able to share what she has to offer.

We should all have a Tania in our lives.”


I just wanted to thank you so much for teaching me on Saturday.  I really feel like this IS the next step in my life!  So much great is coming out of it already!  Coinsidence??  I don’t think so! I have told SO many people about how wonderful it was meeting you and being able to sit with you one on one and learn.  So much better than the classroom setting…  Thank you!  Thank you! I have been practicing every day, lots of times in the day.  On myself, my kids, my hubby.  My son’s teachers even commented to me today how uncharacteristically calm and cooperative my son was today.  I was so excited!  I told them about my new energy! It is great! ~TD

“Tania, Thank you for passing on a beautiful gift to me..the ability to channel Reiki. It is gently changing my way of being in the most gracious way. Thank you for your knowledge and for being the very kind person that you are.”    TS

Dear Tania,
Thank you so much for the attunement!  Everything is going beautifully.  I feel more peaceful and self-assured than I ever have and the friends I have given Reiki to so far have all told me that they felt wonderful.  Giving Reiki is the most amazing feeling.  I’m so happy I made this decision. ~R.

My Reiki experience has been wonderful.  For the 3 days following my training with you I felt better emotionally and energetically than I have in a full year!  It was FABULOUS!!  I have been up and down since then, but have kept my daily practice going–mostly on myself just before bed.  You were so right about my dog, too!  It was just like you described–so actually, I have been practicing my Reiki on her too.  ~JT

Thank you, my teacher.  Your guidance has truly been a blessing and your company a joy.  ~LB

Just wanted to stop by and say “hi”.  I have been practicing my reiki every day.  I love it! I cannot tell you (but I’m sure you already know) how it has changed me in so many ways!  For one, my yoga practice is SO much more now!  I love it!  I give reiki to all of my students during our relaxation time. ~T