Chakra Balancing / Reiki Healing with Crystals

“Hi Tania. I just wanted to say how amazing I have been feeling since my session with you. I have been feeling in control of my mind and body, something I haven’t felt in a VERY long time.” ~E.

I just needed to take this time to say Thank You on behalf of my son, sister and myself. After the Reiki session we all felt so relaxed. Definitely something great happened; the pleasant energy of the last few days is different and discernible and can only be related to you and the attunement. Thank you Tania, and we look forward to our next visit. Much love, gratefulness and blessings. ~SM

Chakra Balancing Healing SessionsChakras are energy centers which supply life energy to the body. There are seven major Chakras which in general are about three to four inches in diameter. Chakras become unbalanced due to the stresses of everyday life and will throw the whole body out of balance, which can eventually lead to dis-ease. The Chakra system is complex and involves all systems; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and karmic.

Crystals enhance the healing and energy balancing provided from Reiki. Crystals or stones are placed on each Chakra, or energy center, and music is played while Reiki is used to realign and bring the Chakras into balance. I incorporate crystals, color therapy, music therapy and Reiki as a total treatment, providing renewed energy and focus. After a Chakra Balancing Session, you will want to be able to spend some quiet time to allow your energy to adjust and work with you.

After the session I will share which Chakras were out of balance and ways to work with your energy to promote wellness.

$ 65. per Session (approx. 45 min.)
$90. Chakra Balancing with full Reiki Session (approx. 75 min.)

Call 860.405.4019 to schedule a Chakra Balancing Session

“Tania, It is amazing since you gave me Reiki with the crystals, I have been having dreams. I have been able to look at these dreams and understand them better. It has been a great experience.” ~CP

Just wanted to let you know that I had a very positive experience with the session, thank you so much for that. I’ll be contacting you again in the future, Thank you. ~LA